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World Environment Day - RAC Kathmandu Medical College

World Environment Day
2011-06-03 / 2011-06-03  |  
Venue : Shree Chngunarayan Higher Secondary School.
Objectives : - To create awareness of the environment and its necessity to the students and the community


Students, school and the commuity

Project Detail


We, the Rotaract Club of Kathmandu Medical College (RaCKMC) initiated a Special Area Project (SAP) in Shree Changunarayan Higher Secondary School (SCHSS) on June 3, 2011 celebrating the occasion of World Environment Day. The celebration was conducted in collaboration with the International Service Division of RaCKMC. The program was divided in two sessions, the first one comprising of an essay competition on the topic ‘Forest: Nature at your service’ followed by gardening.


20 participants from grade nine and ten took part in the essay competition, of which Bhawana Neupane, Samjhana Thapa and Anil Rayamajhi were awarded the first, second and third prize subsequently. Consolation prize was given to Yuna Lama. We added another consolation prize for Jiwan Siwakoti to encourage more entries in English language.


The second part comprised of gardening and cleaning program by 50 students of grade 6, 7, 8 and 9 and 17 members of RaCKMC. A small triangular garden was constructed in the park in front of the school with the help of bamboos. About 50 plants were planted in the park. Formal establishment of SAP-SCHSS, distribution of prizes for the essay competition and refreshments for all the students, teachers and RaCKMC members followed the program.


17 members of RacKMC, The Secretary of Kathmandu North-Mrs. Rose Garden, 50 students and 8 teachers of SCHSS attended the program. We also received some help from Mr. Ajit Neupane, a local from that area. The total budget of the program was Rs 6540. Special thanks to all the members of RaCKMC who attended the programme and put in tremendous amout of energy in the burning sunlight!!




The winners!www.facebook.com/rotaractclubof.kmc


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