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MINI MARATHON 2018 - RAC Kathmandu Medical College

2074-12-24 / 2018-04-07  |  
Objectives :

To celebate World Health Day by organizing a 5km race and make people aware about the importance of physical fitness.


Project Detail

CO-ORDINATED BY : Program Co-ordinator Rtr Manjil Bharati

Met : at 7am at Kathmandu Medical college.

7:15Am: Registration , allocation of numbers to the participants and division of volunteers into certain areas.

The race started at 7: 45 am from KMCTH, sinamangal and from there it went to gaushala , Rato pul, Maitidevi, Old baneshwor and back to KMCTH, sinamangal. Three checkpoints were kept at gaushala, Maitidevi and old baneshwor where volunteers provided glucose water to the participants and registered their numbers.

The race ended at about 9:00 am and from 9 :15 medals and certificates were given to the top three finishers from both boys and girls category.

E- certificates were provided to all the participants who completed the race.


Rtr. Dr. Roshina Thapa

Rtr. Dr. Rakesh kr Shah

Rtr. Dr. Swornim Kansakar

Rtr. Dr. Sugam Shrestha

Rtr. Dr. Sachitya Devkota

Rtr. Dr. Ashik Rajak

Rtr. Dr. Rimesh Subedi

Rtr. Dr. Mohir Pokharel

Rtr. Dr. Anwesha Pandey

Rtr. Dr. Bedanta Sharma

Rtr. Dr. Ujjwal Karna

Rtr. Dr. Subij shakya

Rtr. Dr. Susan Thapa

Rtr. Dr. Lumu Manandhar

Rtr. Dr. Ananya Thukral

Rtr. Dr. Suprinsha Subedi

Rtr. Dr. Salvia Joshi

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