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Rautahat Health Camp - RAC Kathmandu Medical College

Rautahat Health Camp
2074-4-28 / 2017-08-12  |  
Venue : Shree Janata Satyanarayan Madhyamik Bidhyalaya, Basatpur, Rautahat
Objectives :

To provide General Health Checkup to the patients, poor and needy ones.

Jointly with : Rautahat Wellfare Society


Project Detail

Maximum problem due to lack of consumption of nutritious food was seen in the form of weakness. Mostly this was due to poverty and also due to lack of knowledge regarding balanced diet and healthy food.

Another major issue was bodyache. Upon our inquiries we found that people here work very hard and undergo tremendous amount of labour but their diet is not as per the Recommended Dietary Requirement due to which they suffer from generalized body ache and joint pain at very early age.

Another issue that needs to be mentioned and cannot and should not be forgotten are the skin diseases in this area. Almost half of the population here suffer from one or the other kind of skin conditions ,among them the first and foremost being the fungal infections. This may be due to no use of slippers and working in the fields and walking in the flooded rivers bare feeted. In addition, people here were not very concerned with their hygiene and seemed to wash their bodies or take bath not adequately and also they preffered bathing in rivers which might be the major cause for fungal infection. Other skin conditions due to recent flood was also seen. Also most of them who used tubewell water seemed to have developed itching and rashes in their bodies due to effect of arsenic water on their skin. Some bacterial infections were also noted.

The diseases that were most expected by us, that could have been caused due to flood in this epidemic phase such as: diarrhea , cough and cold, fever were not seen as it should have so chances of epidemic was not there.Thanking you, all the members of Rotract club of KMC and especially us who had participated in the program.


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